Impressions of the UK

GMT 11:11 Tuesday ,29 June 2010

 Migrant Voice - Impressions of the UK


Photo: Jose Souto Impressions of the UK Isabelle, from France PhD Student/Chemistry researcher,  29, in the UK since December 2009. “The freedom of self-expression - everyone has the right to be different. Nobody judges you!” Alvaro, from Spain Rock concert promoter, 50, in the UK since 2005. “London is like heaven for music and live concerts. Almost every day I can attend thousands of concerts.” Photo: Beth Crosland Nora, from Hungary Accountant, 23, in the UK since December 2009. “London is such a cosmopolitan and multicultural city. There are lots of opportunities to integrate with different people and to understand different cultures.” Hector, from Mexico Industrial engineer, 40, in the UK since January 2010 “London is very well organised even with its high population density.” Roselane, from Brazil Nurse in Brazil / English student in London, 24, In the UK since October 2009. “When I stepped out of the aeroplane, I had lots of emotions. London is a perfect city, it was and it is still the city of my dreams. I adore the designs of the official buildings such as the Houses of Parliament. People here are so friendly and helpful. I also love the weather; it’s totally opposite to the warm weather of Brazil.” Karina, from Venezuela Social Psychology Student, 32, in the UK since 2005. “London is historical - a mix of times and styles. The city is a merging of shapes, colours, smells, languages and designs.” Photo: Fabian Moreno Ozlem, from TurkeyAssistant Director, 29, In the UK since August 2008 “It surprised me to find here such a great number of multinational persons, because in my entire life I had never seen such a number of people from so many different backgrounds.” Mohamed El Amine, from Algeria English language student, 23, in the UK since August 2009 “The UK is such a peaceful country.” Murad, from Morocco Environmental engineer, 25, in the UK since January 2009. “I am impressed by the official administration: the police, the post office, the council. Also the studying environment is very friendly. Samar, from Jordan Senior event organiser in the public sector, 28, in the UK since December 2009. “I am amazed by the architecture, the Victorian houses,  the valuable galleries and museums.I like that there are lots of opportunities to meet people from every country, every, religion and ethnicity.” Mana, from Japan Sociology student, 22, In the UK since summer 2009. “I like the sceneries and the landscapes that I can enjoy in the heart of the city such as in the public parks.”


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