Migrant Voice - Kiran and David’s story
Michelle Fuller
Kiran was born in a southern Asian country where being gay is a criminal offence and condemns him to being labelled a paedophile and mentally ill. It’s a country where custom dictates the disowning of family members because of their sexuality and where newspapers carry stories of homes being set ablaze because someone has been ‘found out’ and they and…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Petros' story
Ozichi Emeziem
“Never stop fighting for what you believe in and never give up on your dreams.” That's Petros Tesfagherghis' advice – and the belief he lives by. Petros is modest and unassuming. Asked about his own successes and difficulties – including twice fleeing his home country of Eritrea – he turns the question away from himself and back to social justice.…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Hafsa Muhammad’s Story
Michelle Fuller
When Hafsa Muhammad and her young son arrived from Nigeria West Africa to join her husband in 1992 she was shocked by British people's isolation. “I thought, 'people were separate, and on the move all the time'”, she recalls. But after 25 years helping people, working among communities and seeing more of the country, her views have broadened - to…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Kris Harris’ Story
Michelle Fuller
When Kris Harris lived in Norway she was a migrant but didn’t feel like one: when she moved back to Britain she was technically at home but she felt like a migrant. The daughter of a British father and Norwegian mother, Kris was born in London in 1976 and moved to Norway the following year.  She visited England every summer…Read more
 Migrant Voice - From cocoa farming to fighting for workers’ rights
Michelle Fuller
Ake Achi was born in the Ivory Coast to parents who were farmers. To protect him from the hardships of child labour in the cocoa fields they sent him to Europe. With the help of his aunt who was settled in France, tickets were bought and accommodation arranged. So began his life as a migrant at the age of 10.…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Paulina Polak sees job problems - and offers answers
Why do so many female migrants find it so hard to get the good jobs for which they are qualified? Paulina Polak – herself a migrant from Poland, via Germany – has been thinking about the problem for years, and she thinks she has the answer. “It’s about being able to sell yourself – to prospective employers, in life, to…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Tian Lan's story
Michelle Fuller
Tian Lan is passionate about helping people learn to communicate between different cultures and countries. She wonders whether the roots of her interests lie in the unusual history of her birth place. Tian is from Qing Dao a small seaside city in China, well known for its Tsingtao beer but with an unusual German cultural heritage. “Qing Dao was the…Read more
 Migrant Voice - mobilising young people to bring about change
Kianna Bowers
It’s hard to find a single word to describe Shingai Mushayabasa. The 25-year-old works for Active Horizons and Friends of the Earth, but doesn’t want you to call her an activist, yet. “…Until the day that I am actually an activist and I’m on the ground, I’m not going to be claiming titles that I’m not,” said the Zimbabwean migrant.…Read more
 Migrant Voice - ‘Buddy With’ aims to end women’s silent struggles
Yuliana Topazly knows what it means to be thrown into the deep end: when she was 19 her Russian parents sent her, alone, at a fortnight’s notice to learn English. “Here’s the visa, here’s the passport, go to UK,” was the message. So she went – to find that her parents’ friend, who was supposed to meet her at the…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Meet Marion - the woman behind Manifesta
Simone Perreira
It is not easy to describe a person with so much talent and who has been involved in so many creative projects that help marginalised communities and support migration and diversity. We are talking about Marion Vargaftig. She is a programmer, designer, leader, producer and has founded the organisation Manifesta, which facilitates marginalised communities in using arts and film-making to…Read more

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