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Make migration a success story

Make migration a success story


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Welcome to our new website. It’s a symbol of our continuing growth and development, and of our determination to carry on with our mission of ensuring that migrants have a louder voice in the media.

That’s why the first call in one of the website’s new features, Call to Action, is an appeal for readers to use our platforms to share interesting migrant stories.

Your suggested story may simply be the name of a migrant who is quietly doing good work in the community. Or it might be about a bad experience with an immigration lawyer; a Roma group helping keep the streets of their city tidy; a British man whose foreign wife is threatened with expulsion after 30 years in this country. These are real examples of what the media call stories, the Home Office calls cases and we call people, and all – together with scores of other examples - have been taken up by Migrant Voice and become the subject of newspaper, magazine, radio and TV coverage.

Our Call to Action will regularly spotlight ways in which Migrant Voice members and supporters can personally make a difference to the debates and policies on migration. 

We also work with MPs, academics and other groups to suggest policy changes, or do our own research – most recently, into the appallingly low standards of housing for people seeking asylum.
But most of this and other Migrant Voice work starts with or depends on information from our members and supporters. That is our life-blood, and our hope is that this new, easier-to-use website will foster this information flow and help us project your experiences and concerns to a wider audience.