Nazek Ramadan: Absence of legal routes is the reason for Tilbury Docks tragedy

GMT 11:45 Monday ,18 August 2014

 Migrant Voice - Nazek Ramadan: Absence of legal routes is the reason for Tilbury Docks tragedy

Nazek Ramadan

The Tilbury Docks tragedy is yet another sign of the desperation that drives many fellow human beings into taking unimaginable risks to move across borders. This tragedy is not the first and won't be the last attempt by individuals and families wanting to bring change to their lives and get out of a situation they were either born into or find themselves in. Whether to flee war and persecution, escape poverty, look for a better future for their families or follow their hearts, people need to find safe and legal means to do so. The number of conflicts around the world is increasing, inequality between nations is growing and internet connectivity is making people more aware of opportunities beyond their borders. At the same time, people’s movements are being increasingly restricted as many more countries across the globe are strengthening their borders making it nearly impossible for people to move freely. This situation has created a lucrative market out of human misery in which desperate and vulnerable people pay extortionate amounts to others willing to exploit their dreams. The route is always perilous. While unscrupulous smugglers profit, governments allocate large sums at a time of austerity to deal with these situations. All this could be avoided if legal routes could be provided. International policy needs to be revisited and rewritten to serve the interest of humanity and not just the privileged few; the freedom to move should be a human right. New thinking and new approach to the movement of individuals around the world is what is needed. Just because you were born in a country, it does not mean you can never leave it.


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