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 Migrant Voice - A migrant’s experience - Living with crisis
What do you do when you lose all you worked hard to accomplish? Was it because you gambled it away, or abused some substance which led you to having a mental breakdown, preceding your job loss? And now, no income, you can’t afford to pay your rent or mortgage. Nope. Not all the typical reasons people think would lead to…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Outside of the Jungle - my diary from Calais
Isabel Soloaga
In the weeks preceding its destruction, the settlement known as The Jungle of Calais remained home to over 10,000 refugees, many of them children. In the wake of the Jungle’s demise, refugees’ search for home grows even more critical.  I visited Calais October 16-22, 2016 - the week before demolition of the refugee camp. It is strange to think this place…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Political leaders have resorted to populist attitudes instead of tackling Brexit challenges
For a long-term migrant in the UK from Slovakia, it is worrying how dangerous a discourse the UK has engaged in since the EU vote. We are currently witnessing post-referendum Britain showing little ability to cope with the circumstances and gradually resorting to blaming migrant communities for the political and economic decline brought about by the decision to leave the…Read more
 Migrant Voice - How UK Politicians Laid the Groundwork for Brexit's Hate Crime Surge
  Since the Brexit referendum, the UK has witnessed an explosion in racism and hate crimes. In the second half of June, when the vote took place, some 3,219 hate crimes and incidents were reported to the British police forces. This represented a 37 percent increase compared to the same period last year. But it wasn’t the vote itself that…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Brexit: Rise in hate crimes reported after vote
Simon Israel
Tales of smashed car windows, children told to go home, a surge in citizenship inquiries, a mosque which cancelled Eid prayers for hundreds out of fear, and a patient in a doctor’s surgery telling her Asian GP to leave the country. Some may be classified as hate incidents rather than crimes. They maybe considered low level but still symptomatic of…Read more
 Migrant Voice - A reminder of the fragility of our security and our interconnected well-being
Kianna Bowers
Last week I had the privilege of attending the world premiere of Silence, the sequel to Carmen Funebre, a street theatre production that explored the impact of war on civilians by the Polish company Teatr Biuro Podróży. The performance featured fire, puppets, strobe lights, stilts, bikes, music and more to explore the complexities of life for refugees during war. The…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Eritrean Youth on Fire – the June 23, 2016 historic demonstration in Geneva
Petros Tesfagiherghis
The time was around noon on the 23 June 2016. Some of us from UK were on our way to the park near the city centre of Geneva where the march to the office of the UNHCR was due to begin. On the way I met Aida Kidane from Sweden with her camera. She was hastily walking through the route…Read more
 Migrant Voice - The Vote to leave the EU made me feel unwelcome
Tristan Scholz
I woke up on the morning of the 24th of June 2016 feeling distraught. Knowing that the British public voted to leave the EU made me feel unwelcome in this country, because immigration figured so prominently in the victorious out campaign. Being of both German and Mozambican heritage I have the privilege of being able to move around EU countries…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Because I am a Parent - my experiences in Lesvos
Because I am a Parent - my experiences in Lesvos
Kim wrote about her experiences in Lesvos in December 2015: On the 21st January 2013 my life changed forever, it was the day I found out I was going to be a parent. It was the day my life changed beyond recognition, because from that day onward I saw the world through a new lens. Most of the time that…Read more
 Migrant Voice - EU leaders - your citizens are mobilizing to help refugees while you sit idly by
Gillian Seely
We first met the Samir family (name changed) at the gates of the Nea Kavala refugee camp, which is run by the Greek military and situated in a field about 20 minutes from the Macedonian border…which remains closed to refugees. We were on our way in and they were very clearly on their way out. We were trying desperately to…Read more
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