Glasgow Media Lab

GMT 15:51 Wednesday ,07 October 2015

 Migrant Voice - Glasgow Media Lab

Image by Mikael Altemark

The Media Lab on Thursday 1st October brought together 17 individuals.

Our mentors: Simon Parsons, Amparo Fortuny, Rosie McIntosh and Fuad Alakbarov worked with groups and individuals on creative writing, film making, interviewing, blogging and social media skills. From the feedback we know that the participants found the creative writing session “extremely interesting”, and many said that they “would definitely participate again”, and the film-making workshop “was very informative” and deemed “an eye opener”.

After a break, a training session took place in developing strong messages about current migration issues with the aim of making them part of the public debate by publishing them on social media. The session was informed by the findings of the 5th annual Migrant Voice conference 'The State of Migration: Striving for Change, Reclaiming the Narrative' which took place in London on September 18-19th.


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