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 Migrant Voice - Migrant Events - February - London - Films
FILM   from Thursday 1 February   * Makala, documentary that follows a Congolese charcoal seller as he takes the arduous journey to town to sell his product + Q&A with director  Emmanuel Gras, Zoe Marriage and Franc Kunda, £12.50/ £10, Curzon Bloomsbury, until 4 February. + A charcoal seller's Herculean pushbike journey   from Saturday 3 February * Around India with a…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Migrant Events - February- London - Performance
PERFORMANCE   * So Many Reasons, a story about the unique influence our mothers have on how we understand the world, from the perspective of a first generation British Ghanaian woman, Camden Peoples Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road, NW1,until 16 February. Info: 7419 4841 + Clever and candid coming of age tale   * The Brothers Size, reinterpretation of West African myths, Young Vic,…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Migrant Events - February- London - Exhibitions
EXHIBITIONS   * The Gap Between Us, first UK solo exhibition by the artist and film-maker, a US-based artist of Palestinian descent, for whom Palestine is a predominant theme, free, The Mosaic Rooms, Tower House, 226 Cromwell Road, SW5, until 31 March. Info: 73709990 / mosaicrooms.org/event/exhibition-preview-gap-us/   * Behind the Indian boom - Inequality and resistance at the heart of economic growth, looks at low…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Migrant Events- February - London - Talks and Discussions
Talks and Discussions   Thursday 1 February   * Foreign Goods: The Battle Against Whitewashing and Stereotyping, Jingan Young, Cathy S K Lam, Lucy Sheen, Julie Cheung-Inhin, Kathryn Golding, TAN Suet Lee, Stephen Hoo, Amber Hsu, 6.45pm, £10/£8/£5, Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, W1. Info: 7307 5454/  anna.temby@asiahouse.co.uk/  www.asiahouse.org   * The Balfour Declaration, Bernard Regan, 3pm, UCU London Retired Members University and College…Read more

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